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co-conspirator turned out to be an undercover agent. before he tried to set the bomb off early this morning, a bomb that never went off. nbc bay area's stephanie trong has more details from the suspect's family's home in san jose. stephanie? >> reporter: and jessica, the family's home behind me has been quiet all day and all night. and long-time neighbors saying they have actually rarely seen the family out here. now, we spoke with a former fbi agent with extensive undercover work history to get some insight from her. and our investigative unit dug deeper into llaneza's past revealing a man who may have been unstable for quite some time. undercover agent says his ability to gain his trust likely saved lives. >> it would have possibly killed somebody. >> reporter: court and police reports reveal a suicidal man and former marine who had been around guns since he was young.
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our investigative unit obtained this picture of an ak-47 assault rifle and three banana clips, each fully loaded with rounds. police discovered them in llaneza's rv parked in front of his san jose home in 2011 after his father called to report his son was hearing voices. llaneza had bought the weapons legally in arizona, but they're illegal here in california. a judge sentenced him to six years, but he served just one. attorney cameron bowman represented llaneza at the time. >> ultimately they felt -- outside experts felt that he was bipolar, possibly schizophrenic. >> reporter: which calls into question, would llaneza have been able to pull off the attack without the feds? llaneza prepare and constructed the car bomb with the undercover agent. it was the fbi who prepared the 12 buckets of chemicals to simulate an explosive mixture, and constructed the trigger device with a cell phone purchased by llaneza. the documents indicated it was
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llaneza who finished putting together the car bomb under the supervision of the agent. >> it is not entrapment. we have strict guidelines, strict restrictions about all undercover operations. our legal analyst says it's not so clear-cut. >> all the key issues in the case were likely recorded. certainly there were wiretaps involved. you don't want to have the government committing the crime. >> reporter: now according to this fbi affidavit, llaneza wanted to go to afghanistan to train taliban fighters right after this bank attack. instead he faces life in prison for attempted use of a weapons of mass destruction. his public defender today declined comment on the case, but llaneza is due back in court next wednesday. reporting live in san jose, stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephanie. the criminal complaint against llaneza claims his goal was to trigger a government crackdown followed by a right-wing attack, and eventually a civil war.
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our coverage continues the story on all you need to do is search fbi complaint and you can read the entire affidavit online. we have new details on the murder of a controversial south bay millionaire. documents unsealed today reveal how ravi kumra was killed during a deadly home invasion at his monte sereno estate the suspects used packaging tape to blindfold and gag consume rachlt the suspects also tied the male victim's hands and feet behind his back. three men and a woman have been charged in connection with the case. police say kumra frequently hired prostitute, including the woman in custody. they think he turned over information about his mansion to the other suspects who are gang members. the gangs are known to carry out home invasions targeting asian and indian families. according to the affidavits, dna evidence led them to the suspects. why would anyone rain and kill an innocent 13-year-old girl? that question weighing heavily
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tonight on the biological father and the hundreds who turned out for a vigil in fairfield in honor of genellle conway allen. anthony jones is the man who killed her, prosecutors say. they arrested him this morning. jean elle is live in fairfield with more on the arrest. jean, there was a great outpouring of emotion tonight. >> reporter: jessica, hundreds of people from all over the bay area came here to allen whitt park tonight. they gathered around this growing memorial. it's a memorial for genelle. people parade for genelle and her family and are praying for justice. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: hundreds of people gather around a memorial for 13-year-old genelle conway allen. her foster mother cried over the tribute. just steps away from where the middle school student's body was found in allen witt park a week ago. >> i love her with all my heart. >> reporter: fighting back
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tears, her biological father says his daughter loved sports. their last visit was about a year ago. >> i stayed with her and the kids and crystal. for about a week. and, you know, we used to -- we played. >> reporter: great aunt rita rose says genelle was full of life. >> a fun-loving little girl who loved to dance, sing, write poetry. just play. that's how i remember her, running in the streets and riding her bicycle. >> reporter: while the community prayed for genelle, the fbi and the police wrapped up a day of investigation connected to this man, 32-year-old anthony jones. police arrested the barber this morning, then searched the crown barbershop where he worked and his home on clipper avenue in fairfield. parents say knowing an accused killer was so close is shock. >> it's shocking. wanting to see my kids every second. >> reporter: police say they started watching jones when genelle disappeared, but won't say why he is a suspect.
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the fairfield man is charged with murder, kidnapping, rape, and lewd acts with a child. genelle's family says while news of an arrest is a relief, it does nothing to ease the pain. >> nothing is going to help up right now. time, healing. >> tonight genelle's family says they expect funeral services next week. as for the suspect jones, he is expected to answer to the charges next week in court. reporting live in fairfield, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> sad story. thank you, jean. in the south bay now, his run from the law is over. a parolee who got away from san jose police on wednesday is back in custody tonight. officers found anthony sanchez sleeping inside a stolen truck in south san jose around 11:20 last night. sanchez escaped from officers after being arrested on hillsdale avenue on wednesday. he was able to slip out of his handcuffs and slip the handcuffs to the front of his body, and then he took off in a police van. sanchez is facing auto theft,
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burglary, and drug charges. he came to the rescue of a woman in need and showed his entire neighborhood exactly what he is made of. a san jose man is a little banged up tonight after coming face-to-face with three burglars in his neighbor's home. burglars he managed to scare off. that altercation happened on north creek drive not far from 101 and 85. george kiriyama is there. and george, he really stepped up. >> reporter: he did. and, you know, for his neighbor it must have been a frightening experience for her. but fortunately for her, her neighbor, a former boxer, answered the call for help. >> and it sounded like there were people in my house throwing things around. >> reporter: that prompted carol mcbride to ask her neighbor john fuller to check out what was happening inside. >> i took the key and went inside, and i heard some noise upstairs. >> reporter: the noise came from three burglars who broke into mcbride's home. >> and these three guys come running down the stairs. they got quiet for a second and
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come running down the stairs and surprise me. >> reporter: the burglars were looking for a way out. but fuller blocked the front door. >> and they stopped for a second, and then they all come running toward me again. and i hit the first guy, and then the second guy, he pulled a gun out and swung it at me. and i ducked my head. and he swung past and clipped my ear and knocked my hat off. >> reporter: the three crooks ran out of carol's home. fuller went after them, but they escaped. >> i've had my housebroken into, and it really annoys me. here are these punk kids. >> reporter: carol is just glad her neighbor was there to help. >> you never know how nice people really have r until you get into trouble, and how your neighbors come to your side to comfort you or aid you. >> reporter: fuller says he is a former boxer and wasn't going to back down. >> i just like to be a good neighbor, you know. to me, i'm glad she didn't go in there. >> reporter: and san jose police
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are still looking for the three burglars tonight. live in san jose, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> she is a single mother who lost her job. and she just recently broke up with her boyfriend. she is looking for someone to help take care of her financial needs. >> reporter: and he is looking for someone to take care of his personal needs. still ahead, free rent for sex? and why no one involved is worried about the law. and guess who is back in town with the new look and outlook. tim lincecum's new man to get back into the giants rotation. and just in, new photos of the most wanted man in the nation. a rogue cop still on the run. tonight, concern over vigilante justice.
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where is he hiding out, and what is his next move? the hunt continues tonight for a former lapd officer suspected of being on a deadly revenge-fueled rampage targeting fellow cops. >> tonight investigators released this new picture, and several pictures of christopher dorner. police say these were taken just days before he killed the daughter of his former captain and her fiance. nbc's kim maldonado has the latest and joins us from links. >> reporter: police are releasing the photos because they want the public to see the most recent images of the man who has already killed three and has vowed to kill more. in front of los angeles police headquarters tonight, officers are stationed outside and a patrol car is positioned on the sidewalk as the manhunt for murder suspect christopher dorner continues. late today, irvine police released these photos of the former cop who has vowed to kill
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police officers and their families. the pictures were taken by security camera at an orange county hotel on january 28th, six days before he started his revenge killings with the murders of monica quan and her fiance keith lawrence. >> he is not behaving like your typical criminal who is trying to avoid apprehension. he is on the offense. he is not on the defense. >> reporter: south pasadena police chief joseph payne used to recruit for the lapd and says dorner's military and police experience has enabled him to stay a few steps ahead. >> the fact that everything that he is doing right now seems to be calculated, i think it is all part of his plan to stretch our resources thin. >> reporter: this afternoon irvine and la palma police joined u.s. marshals in serving a search warrant on the la palma home where dorner's mother lives, and where he lived off and on. the search lasted several hours, and numerous items were removed from the home. police are not releasing details of what they seized from
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dorner's mother's home, but they will say their timing was deliberate. reporting from downtown los angeles, kim baldinado for nbc bay area news. it starts off just with a simple search. a number of rooms which neighbors all looking for housing. but the home search for goods on craigslist are getting a little more than a roof over their head. giving the term "monthly pay" a whole new meaning. stephanie trong has the story new at 11:00. >> i'm not looking for a one-night stand. >> reporter: from classified to craigslist. >> this will be my 11th time. >> reporter: joe, a 52-year-old film director who wanted to leave his identity in the dark is seeking a special setup. think sugar daddy. >> it's all day an l.a. arrangement. you are basically hiring a wife temporarily. >> reporter: skip the personals and head to the housing section. that's where you'll find his ad. >> single white male looking for single woman to support with financial arrangement. >> reporter: the 5-foot balding middle aged man is in the middle
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of such an arrangement. >> she is a single mother who needs -- who lost her job. and she just recently broke up with her boyfriend. and she is looking for someone to help take care of her financial needs. >> reporter: joe says in l.a. there are concierges, middle men hooking him up with women. in the bay area, it's just this. these arrangements lasting usually anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months tops. >> a lot of them don't want the relationship to end. they want to travel with me. one girl was threatening to commit suicide if i left her. >> reporter: so how does it all begin? step one, pictures. >> their face. always require nude photos. >> and if he likes what he sees? >> we meet normally at a neutral place like starbucks, which is the most popular. >> reporter: then it's time to negotiate the terms. >> they have a car payment. their rent is x amount of money a month. the most i've paid for a woman a month is $2500. >> reporter: he admits he is
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exchanging housing and cash for financial support for a sexual relationship. >> i'm pretty picky. i have a pretty good sex drive. and she has to be able to cope with that. >> reporter: plus, housework. >> favors include like i said cooking, laundry, et cetera, et cetera. >> reporter: so anyone biting? joe claims plenty. in fact, he says there is always a waiting list. >> it's a long list. >> reporter: a list he says is made up of mostly 18 to 25-year-old women in college, and he insists he is just one of many men doing this. >> actually, it's bigger here than it is in l.a. >> reporter: the million dollar question, is joe a john? >> no, it's not illegal. it's basically a if anything it's a roommate situation is how they look at it. there is no soliciting on the streets. >> reporter: san jose police say not so fast. technically, it could qualify for prostitution, which under california law, quote, any lewd act between persons for money or other consideration. in which case both joe and his partner could be arrested. for misdemeanor charge of
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disorderly conduct. >> but the law is having just as much trouble keeping up with the shifts and changes in our culture sexually. >> reporter: dr. elaine brady of san jose specializes in sex and internet addiction. >> we live in a day and age where you can get sex delivered to the door faster than a pizza. >> reporter: whether it's about power or sense of entitlement, dr. brady calls this an age-old tradition, an arrangement of convenience for both sides. >> we have young college women now, they're setting up their own web comes and charging money. because they're working their side of it too. it's a commodity. >> reporter: a commodity that once joe says he wasn't looking for when he was married. >> for 24 years. and my wife died in 2007. that's when i started doing the craigslist dating. >> reporter: whatever the motivation, it's been a fast five years. joe says he doesn't see the end for a long time to come. when do you think you'll stop?
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>> when i'm six feet under. >> reporter: stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. as bad as they predicted. more than half a million people and businesses are without power tonight as the east coast is getting hammered by that massive blizzard. roads and airports are closed. people have been told simply just to stay inside. boston could have as much as 3 feet of snow before the storm ends tomorrow afternoon. and some of the snow is being pushed by winds up to 75 miles per hour. about 5,000 flights have been canceled nationwide, including dozens from the bay area. snow is also causing problem in southern california. tonight i-5 is closed in both directions at the grapevine. caltrans and chp don't know hen this will open along the grapevine. >> let's go over to jeff ranieri. check in with him. the situation in southern california tough and on the east coast. >> if you're going anywhere in a plane, even if it's just going to be here in california, and it's going to be a slow go with a lot of the cancellations as you mentioned. also right now temperatures
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dropping out here. and pretty quickly, 39 in concord. 46 in novato. and down here into san jose, close to the 30s at this hour. 41 degrees. let's get you outside of the live hd sky camera network. we have lower level moisture showing up on the sky camera network, but it is all clear from the south bay right up to san francisco on the san bruno mountain camera shot. right towards the bay bridge, look at that. they're testing the bay lights tonight. i had a view of that in the city the past couple of nights as well that looks very spectacular. the camera shaking around. we have winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. it's only giving us a slight windchill tonight. talk about major windchill to the northeast. i have never seen the radar with so much widespread heavy snow than what we're seeing right now. again, historic on many levels as this blizzard could be one for the record books here. maybe not even seen anything this bad since 1978. as we mentioned, for boston, about 3 feet of snow there back into new york 1 to 2 feet with with the winds topping 75 miles
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per hour. so do expect mayor delays no matter where you're traveling. if it involves a plane, you're likely going to face some sort of travel headache. the storm pushes out by saturday night with sunny weather by sunday. for us back here at home, it's all about this cold weather. also some icy conditions in the road waist. 29 in santa rosa tomorrow morning. 33 in san jose, and also 32 expected in livermore. so let's get you into tomorrow's highs. we are going to get sunshine in here. it's going to warm up. it's just going to be a little bit below average. still comfortable, but you need the jacket. and no rain in that forecast. 58 in santa rosa. we're expecting 53 in los gatos. 55 in santa cruz, and also 57 in san jose. the lunar new year begins this sunday. we're at the asian art museum of san francisco kind of previewing all of the stuff today and this weekend if you want to head out there, temperatures are going to be in the mid 50s with a lot of sunshine. it's going to be a great start to the new year on sunday. the year of the snake. so hopefully prosperity,
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fortune, and all of that great stuff is on your side as we head into 2013. monday, tuesday, and wednesday it will be sunny and also temperatures will be gradually warming up. wasn't jeff supposed to bring us some good fortune? >> i know. you were kicking lettuce today. >> i was very greedy. i shared it with somebody else. i didn't know it was going to make it back to the station. >> happy new year to you. >> you too. we're back in a moment. dinner's ready.
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the countdown is on to witness a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic experience. >> and asteroid wing will pass by the earth next friday. get ready. i want to show you some video with a perspective of the sight of the asteroid. basically, it's the size of a grocery store. and while expert says it will not hit the earth, the giant flying mass is still making lots of people nervous. >> they know with certainty it's going to come really close. it will pass within 17,200 miles
11:23 pm
of earth's surface, but then will cruise safely back into space. >> okay. to get a better look, you can head to the oakland space center. they're going to let you use their telescopes to check it out. that might be a good idea given that another one won't be around for another 1200 years. back with sports in a minute. hello?
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hi, everybody. scott reiss in the comcast sportsnet room. spring training begins monday. fan fest is tomorrow. today media day at at&t park. the two-time cy young award winner tim lincecum the talk of the event, holding court with his new clean cut look, sporting glasses and, yeah, a tight lid, somewhere between buddy holly and your local librarian. our jaymee sire was at the event. >> reporter: tim lincecum's new haircut had the media buzzing. but of more interest was how
11:26 pm
timmy spent his off-season. >> well, actually, i just went to a different set of trainers, not relying on myself as much, but going to a set of guys i was working with in bellevue. >> his head is in the right place and has done a lot of work. >> i think in 2011 where i was my heaviest i had ever been. and then i dropped like 30 pounds. i felt like i lost strength with that and stamina. trying to put that gas back in the tank. i feel like i'm in a better spot now. >> reporter: he also continued to try to squash any speculation of my bad feelings between he and buster posey. >> this is nothing going on. it's a matter who have was catching that day and who they put in there. >> with his credentials, to do that and never heard one grumble about it. you're excited to play with people like that. >> the two-time cy young award winner admits hi confidence was shaken last season, but feels more focused than ever heading into 2013. >> i didn't want to go through last year again, you know.
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so, you know, changing my work ethic and getting on top of things i need to do to take care of my job and not embarrass myself out there is pretty much my mind-set. >> reporter: as the giants get ready for fan fest on saturday, i had a chance to sit down with tim lincecum, and he said he is approaching this spring training as though he does not have a spot on the team. he feels like he has to earn his way back into starting rotation. i asked bruce bochy if that was the truth. he said of course not. but he does appreciate when players think that way. phil mickelson with that beautiful backdrop on the par 3 15th at spyglass. and lefty with a radar lock on the green. leaves himself a lengthy birdie putt, but not lengthy for that guy. phil 2 under, tied for 39th. shot of the day, j.j. henry,
11:28 pm
chipping on the 11th at pebble. and right to the bottom of the cup. he is at 1 under. leaders ted potter and jim snedeker. and the warriors and grizz. this did not end well. the warriors lose their third straight, ninth straight to memphis. they travel to dallas on saturday. once again, giants fan fest at at&t on saturday. more news after this. dinner's ready.
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that's going to do it for this friday. >> i'm happy it's friday. >> me too. enjoy your weekend. >> tgif.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- host of this year's academy awards, seth macfarlane, from "1600 penn," jenna elfman, the music of norah jones, and "fe spokesperson auditions." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jay: thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. nice to have you all here. thank you. thank you. well, as you know there is a -- oh, my god. just a huge snowstorm going on back east. i hope everybody is doing okay. i now some folks have lost power back east. so, good luck to them. you know, i spoke to my buddy in boston. they've already gotten a ton of snow in boston. he said massachusetts is now whiter than a romney family reunion. that's how much snow. [ rim shot ] hey, but and some people -- some people love the snow. i'll tell ya, martha stewart today. did you see her on the news? she built a snowman whose eyes were natural black onyx and whose nose was a caramelized roasted baby carrot sprinkled with thyme. beautiful. beautiful, beautiful snowman. well here is an interesting statistic, folks. listen to this. no, that's not interesting. forget that. forget this. you know what i was going to

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